Pennies from Heaven is a program that was placed on our heart by the Holy Spirit.  The main purpose is to give to those in need by having people donate items from their homes they haven’t used over the past year that are in good working order.  The church then designates a day in which we organize these items and place them for sale on our lot behind the church.  It is laid out in the same fashion a large yard sale would be laid out, however, all items are only a penny each.  While all items are only a penny, the Lord has blessed us with people that give more.  Rest assured that the money given gets donated to those that are in need.  In the past, we have given to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the American Red Cross, Fire Victims as well as those in our own community who might need assistance from time to time.

We have found that when we give, the Lord gives even more.  We do not believe that the church is there to make money.  This church exists to spread the Gospel of Christ, edify and lift up our neighbors and reach out and lend a hand to those that need help.


Your donations are highly coveted.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact Pastor Marty @ (530) 632-4592 and he will assist you in coordinating your donation effort.

We accept the following type of items.

  1. Clothing (no under garments are accepted unless they are unused and still in their original packaging. We ask that all clothes be washed and ready to be displayed)

  2. Toys

  3. Shoes (again we ask that these be in proper condition with plenty of wear left on them)

  4. Books

  5. Furniture

  6. Bedding Coverings (Sorry, no mattresses unless that are in good condition without stains)

  7. Small Appliances

  8. Kitchen Items

  9. Electronic Appliances

  10. Christmas Items

  11. Blankets

  12. Camping Gear

  13. Musical Instruments, CD’s, Video DVD’s, Cassettes or Albums

  14. Sporting Equipment

  15. Knick Knacks


It takes a lot of people to put on an event like this and keep everything picked up and organized.  If you would like to donate your time, please contact Linda Angerer at (530) 437-2494