Pastor Marty’s Sermon

We are offering Pastor Marty’s Sunday sermons as audio files just in case you fell asleep in church, didn’t set your alarm, or simply were blessed by the message and wanted to hear it again. 

Please let your family and friends know that they too can receive a blessing from God through His Word.  All of this is solely for the glorification of our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

Please let us know by sending us an email if this is a blessing to you or helps you in your spiritual walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ

  Be patient on downloading the sermons.  They can take a while

           because of the size of the file, but it will be worth it!!

11-8-2015 Sermon.mp3  “The Power Of The Holy Spirit Through Prayer”

11-1-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Let Go And Surrender To God”

10-18-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Exercising Self Control”

10-4-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Does Your Mind Look Like Your Closet”

9-27-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Keep Life Simple & Keep On Sowing”

9-20-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Lay Down Your Burden”

8-30-2015 Sermon.mp3  “How Are You Suppose To Serve?”      

8-23-2015 Sermon.mp3   “Care For Others”

8-16-2015 Sermon.mp3   “Rejoice Always”

8-9-2015 Sermon.mp3   “Assume Godly Virtues”

8-2-2015 Sermon.mp3   “Protecting Our Godly Home”

7-26-2015 Sermon.mp3   “Reaping & Sowing”

6-7-2015  Sermon.mp3     “The Secret To Life”

5-30-2015 Sermon.mp3   “What Positive Faith Will Do”

5-24-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Christian Martyrs”

5-17-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Following God’s Command”

4-19-2015 Sermon.mp3   “The Faith Killer”

4-12-2015 Sermon.mp3   “No Doubt”

3-29-2015 Sermon.mp3  “The Message of Palm Sunday”

3-22-2015 Sermon.mp3  “Life Is In The Struggle”

3-15-2015 Sermon.mp3    “The Harvest Is Ready

3-8-2015 Sermon.mp3      “Woman At The Well

2-1-2015 Sermon.mp3       “Don’t Misunderstand What God Provides

1-18-2015 Sermon.mp3     “Dealing With Our Sufferings

1-11-2015 Sermon.mp3      “God Desires That You Die

12-28-2014 Sermon.mp3  “Walk With God, It Pleases Him

12-21-2014 Sermon.mp3   “He Became Poor So We May Be Rich”

12-14-2014 Sermon.mp3  “How To Stay Young In The Lord”

11-30-2014 Sermon.mp3    “Women of Faith Testimonies”

11-23-2014 Sermon.mp3    “Women of Faith Testimonies/Wendy Sings”  

11-2-2014 Sermon.mp3      “Don’t Get Discouraged - Call God”

10-12-2014 Sermon.mp3    “The Beauty of God’s Love”

10-5-2014 Sermon.mp3     “Blessed Assurance”

9-28-2014 Sermon.mp3     “Seeking Wisdom”

9-21-2014 Sermon.mp3     “Don’t Just Survive....THRIVE!”

9-7-2014 Sermon.mp3      “Forgiveness”

8-10-2014 Sermon.mp3     “Being An Influence For Christ?”

8-3-2014 Sermon.mp3      “Being A Positive Person In A Negative World”

7-20-2014 Sermon.mp3      “Overcoming Through Our Testimony”

7-6-2014 Sermon.mp3        “What Would You Give Up To Follow Christ?”

6-29-2014 Sermon.mp3      “Have Faith In God”