Historical Photos in Grimes, California

     Downtown Grimes - early 20th c. (before cars)            Grimes Community Church - year unknown


McLean General Merchandise Store in Grimes                   Inside the McLean General Store

   (notice the church steeple down the street)

             The Grimes Barley Festival - 1905                                   The Grimes Meat Market

An old car parked in front of the Grimes Bank               The Grimes Bank of Colusa County, CA

   A lady walking by the bank                                           A photo of Grimes Bank from         

                                                                                                          across the street           

I want to thank Jacquie Weare and Don Jordan for supplying photos and historical information for this website.  If you have historical photos of Grimes, CA suitable for this website, you can submit them to the webmaster of this site

                         Mike Keller’s House                                                            Balsdon Street

                         Grimes Ferry Crossing                           Grimes River Road Along Rivergarden Farms

Here is a photo of Pete Mawson.  He was the Blacksmith in Grimes for many decades.  He was a Private in the Engineering Division during WWI.  He was also a wonderful banjo picker and often played at dances in the Green Tree Saloon in the old Meat Market building.  He always had a Riotan cigar in his mouth!  The Blacksmith shop was located directly behind the Cook Market just down the street from the old bank building.  He passed away in the living quarters of the shop in 1958.

The three photos to the right are of Billy Gash.  The top photo is Billy at 11 months.  The next  photo is Billy at 2 years old.  Billy tragically died at age 4 years due to an auto accident in the alley near 3rd and Leven Street.  The lower photo is Billy’s grave marker that was just recently uncovered.  It’s such a sad story.

An early map of Grimes, California